Easy Remedies For Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Your dog’s itchy skin can be very aggravating to you…I know that the sound and sight of Gusto constantly scratching caused me to search for some easy remedies that I want to share with you.

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Symptoms Of Itchy Skin

  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Dull, brittle coat
  • Oily, foul-smelling skin
  • Matted coat
  • Thin coat
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Red, blotchy skin

The only symptom Gusto had was dry, flaky skin in his private area…no where else. So I applied lotion to that area but he kept on scratching his side, his legs, and his neck.

Possible Causes

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Midges
  • Environmental sensitivities to leaves or grasses
  • Chemicals
  • Dry air

Gusto did not have any freeloaders such as fleas and ticks nor could I see any midges although I highly suspected their presence since Gusto loves playing in the leaves where they hide. Some small bites showed up on me after playing with Gusto.

Could these little gnats also be hiding in the used room carpet that I brought into the house? Perhaps I brought some chemical allergens in on it.

Suggested Remedies

If you are like me, you search your trusted Internet sites for solutions before heading off to the veterinarian.  Since I received my certification as a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist from Dogs Naturally University, I sought out nutritional or natural remedies.

  • Calendula (marigold) in a spray
  • Baking soda in a paste or spray to put on the bites
  • Aloe Vera from a living plant
  • Witch hazel for swelling, broken skin
  • Diatomaceous Earth

Gusto eats liquid fish oil daily so that could explain why his skin does not show signs of inflammation or irritation.

I checked my tool box and found remedies that I already have but because I haven’t had to use them, I didn’t think of them first.

4 Easy Remedies

  1. Skin and Coat Supplement that contains omega -3 fatty acids, vitamin E and zinc; Vitamin A to support the natural layer of oil on the skin; vitamin C for collagen development; and 7 different B vitamins necessary for healthy skin and coat.
  2. Fish Oil that is highly purified and contains at least 30% EPA and DHA.
  3. Soothing Mist to soothe any skin irritations using aloe vera, marigold, lavender and chamomile.
  4. Humidifier for the dry air. The outside temperature is between 10 to 20 degrees right now so the suggested humidity indoors should not be more than 35 percent.  Our humidity level is 34%. However, research indicates that a relative indoor humidity level of 40 to 60 percent is desirable for health and comfort and preventing nosebleeds. So I may have to increase the humidity level and deal with some condensation on the windows for a short time until Gusto’s itchiness stops.

I hope that you find these easy remedies helpful if your pet has been scratching due to seasonal itchiness.

What remedies do you use?

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  1. One of my dogs has seasonal and food allergies. The food allergies are pretty easy to control, but summer can be a nightmare for her. We’ve just switched her food to one that has a nice fish oil additive and I’m hopeful that it will help her this summer.

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