Dog Grass: 9 Steps To Grow Your Own

Dog Grass – The Green of Choice

My American Eskimo dog, Gusto, loves to graze on grass.  As long as I feel it is safe…meaning free of herbicides and pesticides, I let him enjoy all of the grass that he cares to eat.  His choice of grass must agree with him since it stays down and does not seem to cause him any intestinal distress.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

My research reveals that no one really knows but 4 reasons are often given:

  1. Dogs feel a need to vomit up what they ate that is making them uncomfortable
  2. Dogs have a nutritional deficiency or lack fiber in their diet
  3. Dogs have a natural instinct to eat grass
  4. Dogs like the taste of grass

Dog Grass Testimonials From Facebook Friends

  • Mine eats grass. I don’t have my yard treated.
  • I’ve heard dogs eat grass when their stomachs are upset. Mine eats grass once in awhile….I haven’t heard it’s bad for them.
  • My Shih Tzu likes his greens any way he can get them. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, various salad greens and yes, grass. He prefers to eat off a plate so doesn’t graze outside often.
  • Baxter eats grass all the time. He prefers the wide blade variety. I feel very confident that he is getting a high quality food, so I don’t think it’s because of nutritional issues. He very rarely vomits, so it’s not because he has an upset stomach and is trying to induce vomiting. He does however LOVE to go for rides to look at cows. I think that cows are his spirit animal and that’s why he eats grass as if he is part cow.
  • I think dogs just like the taste. If they eat it obsessively then usually a stomach ache, and they are trying to vomit. I allow them to graze, but not gorge. If they gorge, they vomit and I have heard of dogs getting blockages. As long as it hasn’t been treated with herbicide I think it’s ok to have a little. I think the non-seed portion is more of a veg than a grain, but I am not expert on grass!
  • My dog eats grass sometimes but use when he or she have stomach ache & only in my yard so I’m not worried about poison!!
  • Yes, #Finndawg eats grass. We have a paved yard so he also eats a particular type of weed… it’s a bit like clover but I’m not sure what it is! When we are out walking he eats young/soft grass from around the base of trees. He doesn’t always do it, so I think it’s when he’s not feeling 100% or he feels he’s missing it in his diet. Also, he eats it to vomit like our cat, but he rarely brings up the grass, the result is usually just saliva and a small piece of bone or something he shouldn’t have eaten.
    I wouldn’t buy wheat or oats for him to graze on.
  • Yes. A natural instinct. I also believe it can be a sign of them lacking certain nutrients in their diet.
  • Ask your Vet depends on your location. As long as you trust neighborly grass aren’t toxic. My 3 dogs ways eats grass that help aids their tummy. No specifically reason why but it’s partly nature. Good Luck!

Indoor Dog Grass: 9 Steps to Grow Your Own

While I was showing Gusto at the Colony Cluster being held at the Richmond Raceway, I ran across a father-daughter team of entrepreneurs with a home business that offers Pet Greens for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals.

dog grass
Lucky Gnome Farm Pet Greens

Terry Raun and his daughter Lilly have put together a kit so that we pet parents can safely grow either wheat or oatgrass indoors to offer our pets as a superfood treat.

The kit includes heat sterilized dirt to eliminate all pathogens and seeds.

I bought the Oatgrass for Gusto. I can trim the oat grass stems to either feed directly to Gusto or sprinkle it on his food.  I can get two full growths from one bowl.

Here are the abbreviated 9 steps to grow the grass right in the container provided:


  1. Remove the instruction sheet and seed bag from the container. Put the clear lid under the black container as though it were a potting dish.
  2. Empty the dirt evenly in the dish and softly flatten
  3. Open seed bag and pour onto dirt
  4. Spread seeds out evenly on dirt without pressing them into the dirt
  5. Sprinkle water on dirt until all seeds are damp
  6. Place container somewhere dark so that no light gets to it.
  7. Keep the Oatgrass in the dark for three days, giving a sprinkle of water each day
  8. When you see the tiny blades of grass, bring the Oatgrass out into the light. Sunlight isn’t necessary
  9. Water lightly every day and watch it grow to its full height in 7 to 10 days

Those are Easy Steps to grow Dog Grass!



Dog Grass: What Are The Nutritional Benefits?

I could not find any scientific research on the nutritional benefits of dog grass. However, you can learn from Lilly of Lucky Gnome Farm by watching the following video:


So tell me, does your dog eat grass?

Would you grow dog grass for your dog? Join in the conversation by leaving your comment. We would love to hear from you.

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9 Replies to “Dog Grass: 9 Steps To Grow Your Own”

  1. My dogs hardly ever eat grass so I know when they do that their tummy must be bothering them. I’ve always heard about cats loving grass – this was super interesting!

  2. The big question for me is would my dog eat grass grown in the house? My springers liked grass close to streams, while Buffy, my cocker, only eats grass when I am taking her for a walk and stop to chat with the neighbors – boredom I guess! I’ve also had dogs eat a lot of grass to make themselves vomit.

  3. My dogs eat some grass nearly every day in the spring, summer, and fall. They don’t seem to be bothered by it at all. (We don’t use pesticides or herbicides in our yard.) I think they might enjoy this during the winter.

  4. My dogs eat grass once in awhile and often vomit it up. It seems like one of my dogs eats it when her stomach is upset but the other just likes to munch on grass and certain plants. I try not to let them eat it, although we don’t treat it. This is an interesting product! I’ve heard of cat grass but I’ve never heard of dog grass before. Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. My oldest Husky eats grass…she never gets sick from it, so I think she just likes it or it helps calm her tummy (she has GI issues). My others seem to graze when they are not feeling well and want to make themselves vomit. This homegrown grass sounds amazing! I never thought about growing grass specifically for them to eat! The oat grass with anti-inflammatory qualities really interests me. Sounds like a caring father-daughter duo behind the company, too, which I appreciate. Will be checking out that oat grass! Thanks for the review!

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