How To Profit From Your Passion For Pets


Your Passion for Pets Can Be a Profitable Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how you could profit from your passion for pets? Commonly, little girls and boys dream of becoming veterinarians when they grow up but there are many options today to have a part-time career with pets as well as a full-time career.

Watch the video interviews to learn what inspired these pet lovers to follow their passion for pets and how they are making their endeavors profitable.

CReations by Carla

Carla is profiting from her passion for pets by making custom wreaths and crafts for pet owners.  She is an accountant who has a part-time business called CReations by Carla.

The paw print wreaths were a hit at the Fall Mountain Classic Dog Show in her hometown of Cumberland, Maryland. Be sure to follow Carla on Facebook.


Pet Photography

I met photographer Greg Murray at an event hosted by Dogsmartz Unleashed in Poland, Ohio. This video introduces you to this award-winning photographer and rescue animal advocate.

Greg’s book Peanut Butter Dogs is the perfect coffee-table book for anyone who loves dogs. Over 140 dogs show their love for peanut butter on the pages of this book which can be purchased at book stores or online.

Greg’s fine work proves that his passion for pet photography is an enjoyable and profitable business.


Barktastic K9 Cupboard

Crissy started her pet treat business after her own dog died from eating toxic treats. Now
she bakes healthy, holistic, all-natural treats at home.

Crissy displays her pet treats at a local flea market. Crissy’s passion for pets has inspired her to create a profitable business. Check out BarktasticK9CupboardFacebook or give her a call at 330-559-8030 to order your pet’s treats.


BC Braidz

I met Beth at the Fall Mountain Classic Dog Show being held at the Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, Maryland.

Beth got started about 10 years ago, creating dog show leads in her kitchen because she likes pretty leads. The function of the lead is the most important part. She primarily does custom orders.

Beth is having a lot of fun and meeting a ton of people. She is super successful with her pet business.

Beth creates her own beads so that you can choose your own beads to match or highlight your dog. She also has a small line of jewelry for the dog show handler so that they can match their dog’s attire and show their dog in style!

Beth is grateful for the support of her family and her little dog Joey who keeps her company in her booth.

You can find BC Braidz online and on Facebook.

Fur Baby Fine Art

I met Paul at the Fall Mountain Classic Dog Show in Cumberland, Maryland. Paul was a street artist in New York for 5 years and has now returned to the mountains of Western Maryland.

Paul has a deep love for pets so it was only natural for him to turn his skills towards creating fine art from pictures of pets the past few years so that their companions could always treasure them.

Paul works in acrylics. He finds that people like caricatures of their pets that emphasize big, bright eyes.

You can find Fur Baby Fine Art on Instagram, YouTube and at

Purely Simple Dog Treats

I met Debbie at the Columbiana Dog Show in Canfield, Ohio where I was showing Gusto.

Debbie has been making pet treats for over 11 years. She offers a wide choice of healthy treats from sweet potatoes, carrots, peanuts and some chew treats too.

Debbie loves what she does and is very successful following her passion for pets by making dog treats. You can find her at and on Facebook. She can also be reached by calling 814-853-5972.


Paws In The Sand Pet Treats

I met Christine at the Apple Castle Festival in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

About 5 years ago, Christine rescued a dog that had a lot of allergies, a sensitive stomach and was always scratching at her paws so she wanted to make treats that were good for her.

The products are all natural. So many people were so impressed with how well her dog was doing that Christine started a business from her passion for her own pet.

Her treats are free of wheat, corn and dairy. She offers treats dipped in yogurt and carob for a fun and festive way to treat your pet.

Some of the favorite flavors are peanut butter, pumpkin, sweet potato and salmon. Her dog loves the salmon treats. She takes the yogurt coating off first and goes back and eats the peanut butter biscuit later. I bought some salmon treats for Gusto too since he loves fish.

Christine does up to 20 events a month. Her treats are in many retail locations throughout the Pittsburgh area.

You can find these treats at and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or Call Christine at 814-434-4857.



Pet Wants Mountain Maryland

I met Jeff, owner of Pet Wants, at the Frostburg Dog Splash being held at the Frostburg, Maryland Community Pool. This yearly event raises money for the Frostburg Dog Park.

Jeff and his wife bought this franchise to supplement their income with retirement in mind. They offer all natural kibble and treats and some toys as well as essential oil products for your pets.

Jeff has a retail site on Main Street in Frostburg. His Jack Russell Terrier named Nico is the store mascot and official tester. She also keeps the employees entertained when she visits.

Jeff gains visibility for his store at Farmer’s Markets and community events. His vehicle is also wrapped with his store branding for greater visibility.


Roman’s Holistic Dog Training

Roman Gottfried is known worldwide for providing holistic solutions for dog owners that may have troubled relationships with their dogs and wish to create healthy bonds with their faithful companions.

Roman reviews the family’s lifestyle, the behavior of the dog and the emotional intelligence of the family to bring harmony to the relationship between the dog and the family.

Roman has been able to move his pet training business to different locations in the United States to meet the needs of his clients. He also offers consultations to clients worldwide through online platforms. Roman attracts his clients to him through social media and word of mouth referrals.

In this video interview I did with Roman in Austin, Texas, we discussed 5 Keys to Achieving a Healthy Relationship With Your Dog. You can connect with Roman on Facebook.



So Where Will Your Passion For Pets Lead You?

You have heard the expression “Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow.” In many cases that is true…but at what cost to the lifestyle that fits your vision for how your life should be?

Now that you have glimpsed into the lives of Carla, Beth, Crissy, Christine, Jeff and Roman, can you see how their love of pets fits their lifestyle?

In the following video, I highlight the pros and cons of various pet careers that I have had as a groomer, horse trainer, pet sitting service owner, author, dog obedience instructor, pet blogger and pet nutrition specialist.

A person should definitely follow their passion for pets with the understanding that they may have to make sacrifices along their journey, adapt, and at times, totally reinvent themselves.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to have a career with pets that fits your lifestyle? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you set a goal for achieving your career?
  • Are you learning what is expected in that career from someone already in it?
  • Are you a leader?
  • Do you care deeply about animals?
  • Are you willing to live modestly while you learn to be the best?
  • Are you willing to work long hours?
  • Are you ready physically and emotionally to handle stress?
  • Are you strong enough to go forward with your ambition when others close to you don’t share your love for animals?
  • Do you want to work directly with animals feeding, caring for them, and training them?
  • Do you want to work with people who have pets without having direct contact with the pets?
  • Do you have the means and fortitude to complete the years of specialized training needed for some careers?
  • How do you feel about writing and speaking effectively and learning new social media skills?
  • Are you organized in your daily routine?
  • Are you willing to work hard and long hours?
  • Are you a team player?

There are so many careers to choose from and pet businesses you can start and grow. Allow me to help you with your decisions.

If you are ready to start working with pets with the best outcome for your life in mind…here is what I would like to help you achieve:

  • Working limited hours on your schedule so you have time for friends and family
  • Learning while you earn money and not going into debt for a limited return
  • Creating nationwide friendships
  • The ability to help pets nationwide live longer, healthier and happier lives
  • Unlimited income that continues even when life interrupts your ability to work

Message me on Facebook or schedule a 15-minute free consultation.


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  1. Your video at the end of this post is wonderful list of things to consider in pet-related careers. It is important to consider that a lot of pet-related careers involve odd hours and hard work without a guarantee of a great salary. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience/knowledge with the downsides of pet-related careers. You give me inspiration for building a side business that allows for better flexibility in life. (My only note is that I truly believe veterinary medicine is just as much about preventing problems as responding to them in a good general practice. A large part of the job is focused on discussing preventative care at wellness visits).

  2. I love how so many different businesses share a passion for pets! I’m partial to pet photography, but there are so many creative ways to be in the pet industry.

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