5 Facebook Fixes to Increase Your Engagement

Facebook Engagement

Have you noticed that Facebook is Constantly Changing? I am grateful to be connected with people that keep up on what is working now in the world of Facebook and I want to share these tips with you…

Here are 5 Fixes to increase your engagement on Facebook Lives

Fix #1

Be sure to comment on at least 20 posts before ever going live.  Facebook sees that you are active and is more likely to seek viewers for your Live when you hit that Start button.

Fix #2

Remove inactive friends.  There was a time when having a lot of friends on your profile made you look more credible. However, if these friends no longer have active profiles, their presence on your list of friends actually hurts your algorithm.

Facebook Friends
Facebook Friends

Remove inactive friends manually rather than using a Facebook Friend Remover app.  Facebook does not like anything done in large chunks, including deleting a large number of friends at the same time.

An easy way to remove friends is to make sure they are still active when you get a notification for their birthday. Remove them if they are no longer having birthdays (my deceased father will no longer be my friend ;-( ).

Fix #3

Position your phone in the vertical mode.  Yes, I know you were told to go to landscape mode after you had been doing it in vertical mode.  However, this news is just out…

Facebook revealed to a small group of business owners at a Facebook Gather in the UK that most phone users hold their phone in the vertical position while watching Facebook lives.  As a result of this finding, Facebook is now going to give the vertical views on Facebook Lives more engagement.

Fix #4


Before bringing a guest on a Facebook Live with you, be sure they are wearing either Airpods or a headset.  It seems that the your own voice will start to echo now…but not always…if your guest is not prepared beforehand.  Once the Live starts, there is no way to fix the echo and no one will stay on to listen to an annoying echo.

Fix #5

Cater to your comments.  Once your Facebook Live is over, don’t just set your phone down and walk away.  Be sure to hang around and reply to your viewer’s comments.   Facebook will once again see that you care and give your Facebook Live more engagement.

I hope that you found these Fixes valuable. Be sure to leave your own comment.

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